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Eleftheria Batsou
Eleftheria Batsou

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Feelings about Git... πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ™†

Git can be powerful but we have to admit, at first it was not easy right?!

This post is dedicated to Git and how it made us feel when we first started using it. I use plural (we) because I feel pretty much we all had the same feelings.

Many of us are still not master-s in it ( <- get it πŸ˜‰) but somehow we manage to use it..!

Let's read your stories

How did you feel when you first started using git?#CodeNewbies #DEVCommunity

β€” Eleftheria Batsou (@batsouelef ) April 19, 2021

Confusion mode

  • Mmmmm but why…. Ohhh ok….no was what?…… ahhhh ok got it, nope not got it…….ah ok got it….still wait what?
  • Why is this so complicated.....oh wait that makes sense....oh hang on I actually don't understand it....loop back to the start.
  • For 2,3 days I forgot how to write code.
  • l o s t.
  • Confused. What the hell is "blame" anyway?
  • I think I cried myself to sleep.
  • Like my pencil has got a (magical) eraser.
  • Amazing confusing level of learning.
  • Very overwhelmed. The Git community is so full of acronyms that it can be hard to understand what they mean (their terminology is also not clear - a pull request doesn’t clearly explain a request to commit code from something I’ve been working on into something else).
  • Totally lost and afraid to mess up my code with every push to master.
  • Absolutely clueless.
  • Frustrated, mad, confused.
  • 'git reset --hard' and its variations were really hard at that time.
  • Is this going to brick my computer?

SVN is.... ok!


  • Thinking: what was wrong with SVN?
  • Initially, when I switched from SVN to GIT, it was a MESS. Exploding head I mostly end up taking backup of local changes -> reset branch -> pull latest -> manually merge changes from backup & commit -> push
  • I was switching from SVN and used IDE integration for version control. So no big change for me at first.
  • I transitioned to git from SVN, so actually very good.

The hacker feeling


  • When I was learning git that was also my first time using the terminal so I felt like Hacker.
  • I left it and came back to it later because I was so scared of the terminal at first. I used to think it's for hackers.
  • I felt like a hacker when I used git from the terminal.

It could work...

Git Stash

  • I wondered why did I not use it for everything like notes and documents.
  • When I started git felt like I would never get it, I still am not perfect with it, But it's now one of my favorite tools.
  • Confused AF and questioning why people use this. now I can't live without it.
  • Scared of making mistakes I thought couldn't be fixed. Now I've spent more time with I realize it's not bad at all. Like anything practice is what you need.

Occasionally you can find these weird people who like to use Git!


  • My first step at got was through visual studio so it was really easy to work with just a couple of clicks. Then when I started my second job I had an awesome mentor that gave me some aliases and an easy-to-learn git manager. That made everything really fun to work with.
  • I was so used to storing my files locally and manually creating new versions. At the time I did not think git would be secure I thought I could lose all my files accidentally. Or overwrite something important. Now I can't live without version control.
  • Life becomes so easy.

Git is NOT GitHub

  • When you realize, "Wait a minute Git isn't GitHub???"


The most common word between the answers was "confused", other common words were "powerful", "lost", "magic" and "frustration"!

The funny thing is that people used the exact same words to describe CSS. Check this similar post here.

Thank you everyone for participating :)

What about you? how did GIT make you feel?

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