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What does a developer look for in a new job (except for money)?

I was wondering what are the things people look for in a new tech job. I know I want a good work-life balance, but what about you...?

So I asked my lovely friends on Twitter😊

What other things (except money) are you looking for in a job?

— Eleftheria Batsou (@batsouelef ) February 24, 2021

And here are the most common (or unique) answers:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Travelling opportunities
  • Growth/learning opportunities
  • Impact on users
  • Worthy challenges
  • Interesting projects
  • Satisfaction
  • Stability
  • Recognition and encouragement!
  • Contributing to a team that I enjoy being apart of
  • Learning from others
  • Code pairing
  • Positive People who don't afraid to share knowledge
  • Having a say in the decision making
  • Unsolved problems --> More than just repeating familiar procedures
  • Language + framework (only a few people gave me this answer!)

About culture and the company

  • People with diverse mind
  • Diverse team
  • Supportive colleagues
  • Accepting/inclusive environment
  • Safe work environment
  • Compatible team culture
  • Fulfilling work/company
  • Corporate ethics
  • No micromanagement
  • Behavior of the management / good manager / great leadership
  • Managers that listen and act


  • Working coffee machine in the office
  • Great food
  • Afternoon nap (?!)
  • Having fun

Do you recognize any of those things? What are your expectations?

👋Hello, I'm Eleftheria, an app developer, master student, freelancer, public speaker, and chocolate lover.

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Jason Nutt

Thanks for taking the time to do this Eleftheria