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Eleftheria Batsou
Eleftheria Batsou

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What would you do -except coding- if you had more free time?

Time, time, time! We all need it and we all search for it... But what would you do if you had more time?

I asked a few people on Twitter what would they do (except for coding) if they had more time.

What would you do if you had more free time?

β€” Eleftheria Batsou (@batsouelef ) February 3, 2021

Here are the most common or unique answers:

  • Sleep
  • Spend more quality time with family
  • Spend more time stressing that I am not utilizing my time appropriately
  • Sew shirts/pouches/scrunchies/facemasks
  • Rest
  • Finish all the things I started
  • Figure out how to clone myself
  • Write some music
  • More trips
  • Work on a side project
  • Write (novel, blog posts, journal etc)
  • Paint
  • Photography
  • Read
  • Cook
  • Watch series
  • Learn a new skill (or a new language)
  • Workout
  • Renovate the office and kitchen
  • Be lazy
  • Be social
  • Be consistent on social media
  • Hands-on community work
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter/rescue stray dogs
  • Conduct free workshops to teach others
  • Create more Youtube videos
  • Create a podcast

What would you do?

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