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Discussion on: Hi! We’re Microsoft Azure and we’re proud Patron Sponsors of CodeLand 2022

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Bobby Bates

Hey, Nitya and Microsoft Dev Team! Thanks for sponsoring CodeLand 🙌

I'm Bobby, current web dev student @ Flatiron School. Love this work and community!

Remote, distributed, asynchronous work excites me so much. What aspects of these do your teams continue to implement after the Return To Office?

(Discord: bobby_bates#5793)

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Nitya Narasimhan Author

Hi Bobby - As my colleague mentioned, I am on the JavaScript Advocacy team. My entire team is remote and distributed (we have folks in Europe, Brazil, and Australia) and we have a lot of best practices (documentation online, alteranting times for meetings etc) to support remote workers. I hardly remember what it is like to work in an office now :-)

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Microsoft Developer Team

@bobbybates my team focuses on Azure Developer Marketing and @nitya more on the JS Developer side, you are likely thinking of the Teams and MS Graph teams that do this work on a daily basis...