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Discussion on: Hi, we’re Strapi and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

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Brittany Huntzberry

Why did you become a developer? πŸ’‘

I ended up exploring web development when I started going to a community college several years ago. Before college, I never would have envisioned myself as any type of developer since I thought the career only accepted folks that have extremely advanced mathematics, computer science degrees, etc. I was more interested in art, drawing, crafts, design, and I had already assumed I couldn't be someone that develops software professionally.

I realized that software development is extremely, extremely broad, and there are countless ways to craft software: developing, creating UIs, testing, writing, and so so so much more.

Plus, there are so many welcoming communities online that lift folks up, especially newer people that are interested in learning, and I realized that maybe this is something I can do. There are so many resources to benefit from and help you, so that you can be a valid contributor without having a full 4-year computer science degree. It's been a wonderful experience, but there are still tons of challenges. I am definitely sticking around, helping where I can within reason, and want to try to make things a little better for someone out there.

What's your content experience, have you used a CMS? πŸ’¬

I actually have become intimately familiar with a specific CMS called Drupal! That's the open source technology I worked with closely during my early career as a developer. I wasn't crafting the content, but I was helping out the folks that are in charge of that aspect of the websites. I also helped with the public-facing view of the sites. I'd like to play around with other CMS so I can have a better understanding of what solutions they've come up with to common problems for sites that are running as a CMS.

Have you ever heard of Headless CMS? Strapi? Jamstack tools?

Definitely have some familiarity with Headless CMS setups. I don't claim to be an expert with the front-end side, but I have some understanding of the underlying architecture and how data is fed from the CMS to the FE piece. I believe I've heard the name Strapi, but never explored further. I am interested in looking more into Strapi and what solutions exist that are powered with Strapi!


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Daniel Madalitso Phiri

Thanks for sharing Britanny!!

So many people feel they need to have amazing math skills to be good at or even consider a career like this. I'm sure you sharing this gives them something to think about!!

Oooh looks like you've got quite some experience with CMSs. what problems are hoping CMSs have solved as you get into exploring others?

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Brittany Huntzberry

A big thing for me is the content editor experience, but also tempering that with accessibility. It's a complex area to populate with robust solutions, especially since accessibility is so dependent on context.

Content management systems that build with accessibility in mind from day 1 are very rare and I'd love to support those that do!