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Discussion on: Hi, we’re Strapi and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

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Why did you become a developer?
I spent a few years after college working in state and local parks. While I loved being outdoors for work all day, I knew something was lacking. I missed the challenge that school provided, the thrill of solving problems and the satisfaction of learning how things worked. I had taken some computer science classes at school, and remembered how much I enjoyed the challenge. I decided to jump ship on the path I was on to chase a more mentally demanding path and all it entailed

What's your content experience, have you used a CMS?
My experience developing applications and websites has so far been done without a CMS, focused in React and full stack Javascript. Despite this, I am eager to learn more about them given what a wide proportion of web content is created with CMS.

Have you ever heard of Headless CMS? Strapi? Jamstack tools?
I have heard of Headless CMS through a blog post linked below, and thought it proved an interesting solution to issue of compatibility to the numerous devices accessing the web. I am curious to get the chance to try using them in my own development process.

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Shada Wehbe

Interesting answers. We have a lot of starters with React that allows developers to get their project up and running in no time. Feel free to take a look at resource center - you can also sign up above to get content delivered to you.