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React environment frustration. Growing as a learner

just a quick vent session
update on my progress: I've been at this learning journey for about a year now. i got a solid handle on html, css, and basic vanilla js. I decided to start a react course today, and just setting up the environment threw me for a major loop.
Two steps forward one step back**
I had already installed node and implemented it with tailwind css on a few projects. However, when trying to use it for a react environment, i run in to so many separate errors. So instead of starting with react components, in the next few days i will have to gain a better understanding of how node works, and how to use it with as few modules as possible.

While in the midst of tutorial hell, I re-downloaded node. It caused several errors and i was unable to follow my tutorial because the tutorial is from the context of someone who doesn't have node to begin with. I love js. Js is logical. Js is my friend. The terminal, and the way libraries work behind the scenes is like a potion to me. Just impliment it get it running, and don't think about how it works. a single threaded approach on learning works best for me. I've come to realize the importance of deciding the best thing to be learning at a given moment. An underlying goal is to develop the ability to intuitively decide when to dig deeper into a subject I'm on, when to back track, and when to integrate the next thing I need to learn.

Node has put me at another all too important crossroad, and I think its best for the time being to get a low-level understanding of how it works, and how to use it with multiple projects in the most efficient way possible.

Ultimately, becoming a better programmer is the goal, but i can make far more progress in the long term by growing as a learner.

I'm just logging my frustrations here in the meantime so I can later laugh at them a few years from now.

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Hasan Baydoun

good work , keep it up