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CS50 - Week 0 - Homework

Yo, so we had this assignment in CS50 where we had to create this game in Scratch and use what we learned in class and some tutorials on the Scratch website. I was like, "Yeah, I got this. I'll work on it slowly but surely."

But then the holidays hit and my health was all out of whack, and I almost forgot about the assignment altogether!

I had to rush to finish it, but fortunately I had already started on it before my last post on this site. I was struggling to understand how Scratch worked and getting the hang of the interface. It was a struggle, let me tell you. But once I figured that out, I came up with an idea for a dress-up game where you have to find objects hidden in the background. I was wondering if it was my code or the Chrome browser that was causing some issues during testing.

And then I realized that my game wasn't using custom blocks like the assignment required. I spent hours trying to fix it. But in the end, I finished the assignment on time, even if it's not the most polished game in the world.

One thing down, many more to go in the new year! Happy new year!

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