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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 "Code More" Cohort 1] Why do you want to code more?

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I want to code more because I don’t think I’m doing enough now. Though everyday work is interesting, yet it’s not challenging enough. And also I would like get more familiar with other languages/frameworks/infrastructures.

I suppose I will never know that I’ve reached my goal. But I would like to put up cool side projects from which I could learn new things. To be specific is maybe: I could finish the online course I started with.

I will need interest, time and enough discipline for reaching the goal.

The riskiest one must be discipline and be concentrated enough to pull it through.

After finishing college, concentration has always been a war for me. When I’m at home, I’m always distracted by either social media, chats or YouTube videos and therefore can’t stay focused for enough time. And often it happens when quitting Slack, I immediately get the feeling of “now, I deserve a break” and then run into kitchen or turn on TV.
Another issue would be if I want to do something, I would want to have enough time to do it. If I have appointment at 2pm, I would definitely not achieve much before that because I’ll always think of things I have to do at 2pm.

In the past, I will not stay home if I want to achieve learning goals, library/starbucks were my favourite alternative choices where there are strange people around and I wouldn’t want them to see me only wasting my time on irrelevant website. However in time of corona I’ll still have to stay at home. Second way is it occurred to me that if I watch live streams of other people learning (white noise), sometimes I would concentrate more. Third way is to maybe clean up my working table.