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Christine Fletcher
Christine Fletcher

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I’m Christine Fletcher — UI/UX developer & designer — Ask Me Anything!

Hi CodeNewbie Community!

I'm Christine Fletcher — UI/ UX developer and designer with Gravitate (capSpire).

This week, I got I was featured on season 16, episode 5 of the CodeNewbie Podcast with @saron. In it, we talked about the adventure and challenge of changing career fields after 10 years in an unrelated discipline.


I hope you enjoy the show this week!

Now, I’d love to answer any questions you might have about my work, my transition into tech, or anything else!

Here are a few things about me to get the discussion going...

  • I have a "non-traditional" coding background: my degree is in nursing!
  • I love being able to use my creative skills as a designer/developer. I now have work life balance, and never have to work nights, weekends or holidays again!
  • I believe in life long learning and love teaching.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments below!

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Aaron McCollum

Hey @chrismis79 it was great to listen to your episode! I've spent about 10 years in my industry and have been slowly transitioning to programming. Hoping to do a bootcamp in 2022 or early 2023 when I return to the US.

When you were reaching out and connecting with folks on LinkedIn at the beginning of your time in bootcamp, how were you going about it? I remember you saying you weren't asking for referrals. What would you say are the best ways to softly network without being too sales-ey? (Former sales rep so that's my default on LinkedIn unfortunately)

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hi @chrismis79 ! Loved your episode and thanks for doing the AMA!

My question: Can you tell me how it dawned on you that nursing wasn't the path for you? Did it feel gradual or was it a sudden epiphany? :)

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Christine Fletcher

Hi thank you for your question! It was definitely a gradual thing over a few years. I wrestled with, “If I’m not a nurse, who the heck am I?” It took a while for me to work up the courage plus a push from the universe to get out!