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Tom Cieslukowski

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A reflection on my #CNC2022 Start Coding journey - Tom

Name: Tom

Title: Student/Junior Web Designer

#CNC2022 Cohort: Start Coding


Hello, my name is Tom. I am a Junior Web Designer. I joined Start Coding challenge because I don't feel like my skills are up to par with coding and struggle with imposter syndrome. I was really happy to join, meet new people, and get organized and ready to code.

Mission 1

Basically, mission 1 was to help get us started, meet new people, get us thinking of what we want to do and how we want to do it. It was to make goals.
My process was to basically see what I want to do, how much time is needed for me to reach a point of being satisfied and then make goals from that.


Mission 2

Mission 2 was deciding what programming language or task we want to learn.
It was a process of deciding what languages I wanted to learn. This is because I want to do front end web development. Therefore, there is HTML, CSS and JS. This is why I ended up picking JS because I already know a bit of HTML and CSS.


Mission 3

The third mission was about discovering different resources we can use to better help us study and learn to code the particular language we want.
It was hard to create a 5 week plan, the reason was because I have school and work. Find time around it is very hard. However, I have made a schedule and have found great resources to use.


Missions 4 & 5

Mission 4 was to see how our first coding session was going basically. It was one of the first times we all sat down and coded for a certain amount of hours.

My experience was really good, my coding session was an 8/10. I was feeling very good and knowledgable after the coding session. I did have a buddy but they did drop out of the challenge.


Mission 5 was very good. My coding session went very well and learned even more than in my first coding session. I was very shocked that I was following my schedule and happy I am learning new things.


Final Reflections on #CNC2022's "Start Coding" Challenge

The challenges went great overall. I am happy I am more organized and able to learn new languages and skills I will use in my future jobs. The hardest part was for sure to make a schedule and follow it the best a person can. The most fun part was finding other coders that are getting started. People should join the challenge. It helps you get organized, meet new people, and learn new skills. The challenge also helps you reach out to other coders and learn from them.

What's Next

What is next for me is that I will continue my Udemy course and hopefully one day get a developer job.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

You should be super proud! Nice job!