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Discussion on: I’m Courtney Wilburn, Engineering Manager & holder of too many hobbies. Ask Me Anything!

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Courtney Wilburn Ask Me Anything

Balance is super important to me.

There are some things, like working out and gardening, that need daily "care and feeding" and others that need less of my time. Generally, I tend to make sure that I devote what feels like enough time to keep my hobby active. That varies. Sometimes that means that I'll only have time to solder diodes on to a PCB, other times that means I can knit a winter hat for one of my friend's newborns (I knit too!). I also make sure that I have no ego about dropping a hobby if it no longer feels right or I no longer have the time I once did to devote to it. I do have some checks on my innate curiosity in my wife. She will absolutely give me a gentle reality check on my hobbies if I ask.