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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] It's the Markup That Matters

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Christian New

I have so much to learn about implementing better accessibility. I work on products where most of our customers say they don't need accessibility and those products aren't publicly available. What's your opinion on including or adding accessibility to those products anyways, perhaps even after an initial release? @hidde

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Hidde de Vries Author

I'm there with you, and have also had customers say their products don't need accessibility. But statistically, this statement can't really be true for any product. According to WHO, 15-20% of people have a disability, and if they're not using your client's product, it may be because they can't as the product wasn't made accessible in the first place— this may be a chicken and egg situation. If it is software used in a workplace, lack of accessibility could be a problem if you when you hire people with disability. In other words, accessibility is important in all products, also non-public ones.