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Hi Everyone 👋,

Cledb ( K.L.E.B.) here. A newbie coder here and I'm glad to meet you all!
I'm a career transitioner from the nursing field - went on to UX design.
Prior to that I tinkered a bit on html and css and some python but then I had enrolled in a 3 months program UX design so concentrated on that. Did a bit of freelancing right after, and again my curiosity with coding came back, and now here I am paying attention to that and I'm so loving it.
I'm here to connect with like-minded people to keep the momentum going and hopefully to be of value to others in the same journey in any way. As an introvert, networking is way way out of my comfort zone and this is another way I can create some sort of accoutability and help me push past through this "networking avoidance" habit I have :).
Currently learning web development ( HTML, CSS, JS, MongoDB, Node & ExpressJS)