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Raymond Chung for CodeLand 2022

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[On-Demand Talk] A Programmer's Guide to Mental Health

About this talk

Starting your first software development job is very rewarding. You get to apply what you learned from school, bootcamp, or self-learning to a product used by actual customers.

Once you start, you will likely experience imposter syndrome. It's completely normal, and it's actually a sign of growth. At times, it may feel like you're not doing enough and want to continue proving yourself further. You might overwork yourself, leading to burnout and developing bad habits.

In my talk, I will talk about how I burnout, and the bad habits I developed. Finally, the strategies I use today to prevent burnout and embrace self-care.

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🌈 Comment below and ask me questions β€” I might just answer them during my live speaker discussion!

About me

Hello! I'm Raymond Chung. Although I'm often mistaken for an intern, I'm building a new generation of software developers through Shopify's Dev Degree program. As a Technical Educator, my passion for computer science and education allows me to create bite-sized content that engages interns throughout their day-to-day. When I'm not teaching, you'll find me searching my area the best bubble tea shop.

This on-demand talk is part of CodeLand 2022 β€” a virtual conference brought to you by CodeNewbie & DEV on June 16 & 17, 2022.

Latest comments (25)

mgppereira profile image

Thank you Raymond for sharing your experience.
I felt faced with these feelings caused mainly by the impostor syndrome. Positive attitude and thinking always help.
Well done. You Got this !!

willypuzzle profile image
Domenico Rizzo • Edited on

I think there is not prescripted way to face these thing, just take your time and learn your own way.

dyarawilliams profile image
D'yara Williams

Thank you for sharing your experience,
It is definitely okay to not be okay ...

We got this πŸ˜ƒ

yuridevat profile image
π•π•¦π•π•šπ•’ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with burnout. This makes me realize how important it is to talk about this topic and I should do so too.

deesclouds profile image
Dee {he | they}

Thank you for sharing your suggestions for dealing with the impostor within.
I had no idea that posting positive affirmations around my desk and keeping a victory list would be beneficial until I watched your presentation.

luiscastillokc profile image
Luis Castillo

I'm an Early Software Engineer and imposter syndrome will be all the time around, things that make me keep pushing for my dream job in tech are consistence, learning every day, and skilling up my skills. Thinking positive is a great way to battle the imposter syndrome. I'm a great Software Engineer and when I land my first job I will be fantastic.

allisonblumenthal profile image
Allison Blumenthal

Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable enough to talk about your experiences in a conference, Raymond. As someone who has experienced burnout several times in other fields and just now getting into tech, it's nice to know some strategies for dealing with burnout and being proactive about it at the beginning of my journey.

aronaman profile image
Aron Aman

Awesome talk! Just what I needed to hear.

phaveey profile image

Thanks a bunch!
Creating a daily agenda could be a struggle though πŸ˜…

fizzybuzzybeezy profile image

Thanks Raymond! You're talk is so inspiring and uplifting. I like the ideas of having social chats open with supportive friends just to chat when needing to. I've watched a lot of mental health YT videos and some specifically on burnout sponsored by Google. They relate burnout to being something similar to depression, if I recall correctly, in relation to the symptoms at least. Thank you for the positive affirmation that it's okay to not be okay. I'd like to add that it's okay to ask for help and keep inquiring until help is acquired. Thanks for your message!

faruqjada profile image

Nice time management tips

devencourt profile image
brian bethencourt

This is kind of a random question, but I'm wondering if you have any tips for making your office a more productive space? I ask because I love your background. It looks very calming and easy to get work done in your space! I definitely need some help when it comes to building an optimized space to do software development.

raysenpai profile image
Raymond Chung

Haha thanks!

I have the luxury of using one bedroom to be solely an office space. That definitely helps me draw the line and switch mindsets between working from home and being at home.

For my space, I actually researched on YouTube about home offices and went from there. They provided some great tips on creating a productive space.

In addition, I would display some of your favourite things around you. For example, I love Pokemon, so I knew I had to show off some Pikachu boxes!

adiatiayu profile image
Ayu Adiati

Love the talk, Raymond!

I felt that recently, about feeling like a fraud because I was being stagnant for a while.
Thank you for the reminder that it's a sign of growing! ❀

mariessad profile image

Thanks for your talk! Do you think burnout means different things to different people? Do you have advice for what to do if you do inadvertently burn out? How do you approach talking to a company you're employed at if you feel yourself reaching burnout?

raysenpai profile image
Raymond Chung

Hey mariessad!

That's a great question! Yes, burnout can mean different things for different people! For myself, I burned out mentally. But for someone who works in construction for example, they can feel burned out physically.

My advice would be to take a well-rested break. At times you may not realized it, but stepping away for a bit, would help.

Every company is different. I would mention it during your 1:1s with your lead or your HR rep on how you are feeling. It's better to be transparent if you know you're reaching burnout, then being burned out.

timdehof profile image

I have social anxiety that makes it differicult for me to apply for jobs but I love to learn new things. Do you have any advice for gaining confidence in myself so i can get out of tutorial hell and dive into the job search?