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Let's hear it for our CodeLand 2022 sponsors!

With CodeLand 2022 coming to a close, it's time to express our gratitude to the organizations that supported our event this year. Thanks to our sponsors, we had live panels, keynotes, engaging activities, prizes, live captioning for our talks, and this meaningful chance for connection.

We highly encourage you to check out our sponsors' booths while they remain active to connect with them, participate in their activities, and say thank you however you like!

Patron Sponsors


GitHub is the developer company. We make it easier for you to be a developer: to work together, to solve challenging problems, and to create the world’s most important technologies. We foster a collaborative community where you can come together to create the future of software and make a difference in the world.

The GitHub platform is where you can create, share, and ship the best code possible. Whether you are a student, hobbyist, consultant, enterprise professional, partner or executive, GitHub allows you to build software in the way that works best for you."

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure's charter is to help every technologist on the planet succeed, be they students or those working in enterprises or startups. We engage in outreach to developers and others in the software ecosystem, all designed to further technical education and proficiency with the Microsoft Cloud + AI platform.

Inclusion Sponsors


StoryBlok is the world’s first headless CMS that works for both developers & business users. Storyblok is the first headless CMS that offers a unique combination of visual editing tools and highly customizable content blocks for marketers on top of a modern headless architecture that gives developers the flexibility to build fast and reliable digital platforms.


Visit the AWS Community page today and learn about the AWS Heroes, AWS Community Builders and AWS User Group communities. User Groups are open to all and the AWS Community Builder Program will be opening applications soon!

Other Sponsors


Use Codiga to create, find and share Code Snippets within your IDE.

Common Room

Common Room is the intelligent community growth platform that makes it easy for organizations and their DevRel teams to get closer to their communities. They unify community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place, and use intelligence to surface actionable insights.


DuploCloud offers a DevSecOps software platform for teams that don’t have dedicated DevOps and augments those that do. The platform automates the provisioning of your application to the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), integrating cloud ops, SecOps, and security/compliance with 24x7 monitoring and support.


Use Ionic to develop and continuously integrate and deliver mobile applications on any platform. Build apps with Ionic’s open source JS UI and native libraries or use whichever mobile technology you love β€” then deploy native builds, publish to the app stores, ship live updates, automate integration processes, and more.

Lightning Talk Sponsor

Sema Software

Sema Software is a software company obsessed with code quality and helping developers grow their skills and advance their careers. We have a free code review assistant / developer portfolio tool now available for GitHub.

Additional shoutout to She Code Africa β€” an organization dedicated to empowering women in tech across Africa who joined us as this year's community partner. Thank you to AWS for sponsoring their booth:

Let's give one last thank you to all of our sponsors for making CodeLand possible in 2022 ❀️

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yuridevat profile image
π•π•¦π•π•šπ•’ πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Thank you so much for making this super awesome conference possible by sponsoring it. You are helping so many people out there by doing so!

dulyaaa profile image
Dulya Perera

Thanks a lot.πŸ’–

dyarawilliams profile image
D'yara Williams

Big thanks to all sponsors. 🀎

timdehof profile image

Thank you so much Sponsors!!!

mrkrishnaagarwal profile image
Krishna Agarwal

Thanks to all codeland amazing sponsors for making CodeLand2022 possible.
I support GitHub

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Thank you so much to our amazing sponsors!

jell profile image
Emmanuella Sule

Thanks to all codeland amazing sponsors for making CodeLand2022 possible

rociogonzalezt9 profile image
Rocio Gonzalez Toral πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨

Thanks to all!!

pablohe78730909 profile image
Pablo Hernandez

Thank you so so much for your support and fantastic resources...

ailanthus8 profile image

Codeland is an important conference for building community and encouraging new developers in the context of openness and inclusiveness. Thanks for helping to fund it!

christopheraaron_ profile image
Christopher Aaron


solakunmio profile image
Solakunmi Oyedele

Thank you Sponsors!!