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We are Codiga and we’re excited to be at CodeLand!

Codiga is a platform that helps developers write better code faster. Codiga Coding Assistant lets you create, search and reuse code snippets within your IDE (VS Code, IntelliJ or Google Chrome). Stop wasting time looking for a code snippets online: download Codiga (it’s free!) and get answers directly in your IDE!

Codiga Coding Assistant in VS Code

Create Code Snippets and earn badges!

With Codiga, you can create and use code snippets within your IDE but you can also share them on the Codiga Hub. On the Hub, your snippets are being rated by the Codiga community. Your activity on Codiga makes you earn badges and karma points. Sign up on Codiga today, create code snippets, earn badges and polish your profile!

Codiga Badges

Do you like swag? We do too!

All developers love swag! We will give away 20 Codiga t-shirts with more swag right to your home! All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up on Codiga and add your twitter handle in your profile

  2. Follow @getcodiga on Twitter

We will select 20 participants that followed Codiga during Codeland (and until one week after) and mentioned their Twitter handle on Codiga. We will send them a Codiga t-shirt! We will contact you on Twitter when selected!

Codiga T-Shirt

Write for us!

Do you like our product and want to write about it? Codiga has a Technical Writer program where any developer can write about Codiga while being rewarded! Do you have an idea about developer productivity and code snippets? We would love to hear from you!

Chat with us!

If you have any questions, join our Discord community or just use this thread! We’re happy to respond in the comments below. 👇

If you'd like to share your contact info with Codiga you can do so by filling out this form. We'd love to stay in touch with you!

Discussion (32)

techlead21 profile image
Jayesh Tembhekar

Really a cool platform :)

kithminiii profile image

Woah. That Tshirt🤩​🙊​

juli1 profile image
Julien Author

Thank you, all the hard work is from our talented designer :-)

moonshoeskelly profile image

Interesting platform. I'll have to play around with it for sure. Looks super useful!

gungz profile image
Agung Sidharta So

Interesting Codiga, will help me a lot.

fizzybuzzybeezy profile image

Thank you for sponsoring this terrific conference Codiga!

juli1 profile image
Julien Author

Thank you for attending conference, we are really happy to be here! ❤️

yuridevat profile image
𝕁𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕒 👩🏻‍💻

You had me on badges 😏

juli1 profile image
Julien Author

Badges are like pokemons, you gotta catch them all :-)

asbourlotos profile image
Alexander Bourlotos

Swag looks awesome! I've been looking into storing and sharing snippets as I learn more. This sounds like a fun and easy way to start doing just that! Looking into this now!

juli1 profile image
Julien Author

Would love to have your feedback on our product! If you have any question or feature improvement, do not hesitate to join our Discord channel!

ramirez_a profile image
Alejandro Ramirez Jr.

This is dope! I will definetly be trying you out.

blasepinkert profile image

and I'm already using it as opposed to my old scratchpad/notepad

dejitaru profile image

I just found your tool. I just tried and so far it was usefull. I was able to find snippets directly in the IDE. thx

ornevirardi profile image
Orne Virardi

This tool looks amazing and really helpful for developers! Also the swag 10/101

alyssha profile image

The Codiga Coding Assistant seems like such a cool tool to assist us newbies with our code! Looking forward to checking it out!

bobbybates profile image
Bobby Bates

Thanks for sponsoring, Codiga! 🙌 Looking forward to checking out some snippets.

dowmp profile image
Danielle (she/her)

Just signed up and really looking forward to trying out Codiga. I love the thought of being able to get the information and answers I need from right within the IDE.

deesclouds profile image
Dee {he | they}

This is my first time hearing about Codiga. I'm excited to check it out!

gracie profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Love the swag! Thanks for being a CodeLand sponsor, team Codiga!

ablume2 profile image
Allison Blumenthal

Brand new to tech and so glad to learn about this platform! Sounds like a fantastic tool! Thanks for sponsoring CodeLand!

aigarspl profile image
Aigars Pluģis

Nice to see Codiga as one of sponsors on CodeLand '22! By the way, love the swag, nice T-shirt!

rafaelbpires profile image
Rafael B. Pires

Interesting! Will try it out

itsjudedw profile image

Excited to have you as a CodeLand sponsor! Thank you! This swag is so cool that I just had to make a twitter account!

hellotjphan profile image
TJ Phan

I'm all about keyboard shortcuts and snippets. Glad I found you!

simarpreetsingh019 profile image
Simarpreet Singh

why didn't I have found this earlier to share code snippets during sessions..... Will definitely be using it in next coming sessions

pbandjib profile image

Thank you for sponsoring the event. This conference has been helpful resource for people. I have learned a lot about the industry.

electroholmes profile image

Wow that T-shirt looks so super!!.. Have installed Chrome and VS code extensions. Will be happy to use Codiga.

tabspear profile image

Ada Lovelace-- Flyology

dotaadarsh profile image
Aadarsh Kannan

I've recently come across you product A Search Engine for Code Snippets.
Its really amazing and cool.

hatricia profile image

Definitely checking this out, it looks really useful!

tsbrun profile image
Anya Brun

I’m constantly searching through my code to find out how I did x,y, and z two week ago, so this looks like a tool I could definitely make good use of! Thanks for sponsoring this event 😊