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We're DuploCloud and we're a proud sponsor of CodeLand 2022✨

Hello CodeLand 2022!

Whether you're an early-career software developer, you're just learning how to code, OR you've been at it for years, we're really excited to meet you. Thanks for stopping by our digital sponsor booth.

DuploCloud offers a DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) software platform for teams that don’t have dedicated DevOps. We also augment teams that do! The DuploCloud platform automates the provisioning of your application to the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), integrating cloud ops, SecOps, and security/compliance with 24x7 monitoring and support.

Here's a bit more about us in video-form 👀

"Explain Like I'm Five" Contest

Because we're all about sharing knowledge with one another and because we're DevOps-obsessed, we wanted to run a mini-contest in the comments below... participate, comment below with an explanation of DevOps that's suitable for a five-year-old!

Our team will share the winning answer on our Twitter profile (be sure to leave your Twitter handle if you'd like to be tagged!). Then, after CodeLand concludes, we'll email you a piece of surprise swag!

Have fun with this challenge and thanks for stopping by our digital booth to learn more about DuploCloud ❤️ You can find us on our website here or on Twitter at @DuploCloud.

We'd love to stay in touch with you after CodeLand concludes! If you'd like to get occasional communications from us, you can share your contact info with us using this form.

Top comments (25)

dulyaaa profile image
Dulya Perera

How did things happen before devops?

  • Create Changes
  • Add or modify features
  • Fix Bugs


  • Create Stability
  • Create and enhance service
  • Monitor / Observability

They worked separately. No idea what dev did and ops doing.

Solution was DevOps.

DevOps is the combination of cultural, practices, and tools that increases an organization's ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

My Twitter.

gungz profile image
Agung Sidharta So

DevOps are actually 2 kids called Dev and Ops. Dev likes to create things however Dev doesn't like to fix things if something is broken. Ops has no choice but to monitor and fix things released by Dev although sometimes Ops is successful in making Dev fix the broken thing.
They often argued until their mother is fed up and decided to merge them into one. Now DevOps work as one unit. You develop, you test, you monitor, you fix.

zgover_duplo profile image
Zach Gover

what is your twitter handle?

gungz profile image
Agung Sidharta So

Hi Zach, @SoAgungSidharta

spicyc profile image

comment below with an explanation of DevOps that's suitable for a five-year-old!

DevOps is like your body ~ You have to eat healthy, exercise and rest to feel your best everyday! The better you treat your body - The better your body will treat you.


techlead21 profile image
Jayesh Tembhekar

🌻 Suppose Devops is a person who monitors everything in a school & acts as an bridge between various entities like principal to class teacher. Mr. Devops draw outs a test paper, arrange an exam, collect those answer sheets, handover to class teacher, class teacher checks it, give grades, inform principal about student's performance, monitor every students and inform back to students on area of improvements.

🌻 I think this will help an 5 year kiddo 😅. I tried my best to explain devops even though I had no prior knowledge about it.

My twitter handle : @jayeshintech

divyanshpingle profile image
Divyansh Pingle 👾 • Edited

Imagine a Formula One race 🏁, where Developers ( 🧑‍💻 )are the one sitting in the cockpit 🏎️ and driving the Car and Operations team (🧑‍🔧) is the one which is fine-tuning the Car during the Race .

Just like you can't afford to lose time in a Race , the same is true for Software development process . Wasting time in the Race results in losing top ⭐ spot in the Ranks 👑or even worse losing the Race 😭 . In Software Development wasting time in waiting for other team to finish their work , results in Late shipping 🚢 of Software and decreased productivity 😴.

So if want to beat 🥷others and win the Race 🏆 , you need to establish good friendship b/w the Dev (🏎️)and Ops(🧑‍🔧) team . This is where DevOps ♾️comes into picture.

DevOps ♾️ensure that both the Dev(🧑‍💻) and Ops( 🧑‍🔧) team work simultaneously instead of waiting on other to finish their task . This approach allows companies to roll out update at a much faster rate 🏃‍♂️and implement development changes quickly.

Using DevOps ♾️ approach , teams can deliver quickly and the ensures that deliveries are more consistent and smooth than before.

DevOps ♾️ helps in ->
➡️ 🏃‍♂️Velocity [How frequently you are releasing changes for customers]
➡️ 🚀Quality [Less defects in Production]
➡️ 🩺Recovery [Reducing time to recover from Outage and restoring the everything
back to Normal]

Twitter URL ->>

mnechromancer profile image
Jamison Ducey

Santa's workshop makes all kinds of toys, and the elves are always trying to make the toys even better. They keep an eye on the problems the toys might cause, too, and if a toy is too dangerous or easily broken, they fix it.

But how do they fix all the toys if Santa's already given them out to children? Well, with Santa's magic, they can make all the changes to a certain type of toy at once, no matter where it is.

Santa makes video games now, too, and he uses a thing called DevOps to help him oversee how those games are made. Just like with the toys, the workshop makes the games, tests them, makes sure they're safe to play with, wraps them up, and sends them out over the internet to the children. If the need comes up, the workshop can send out a quick fix to everyone.

Before he knew about DevOps, Santa struggled a lot with making and deploying video games, but he knew that children would enjoy them and learn from them just as they did with his other toys.

So he went on the internet and learned about things that seemed like complete magic to him before: He learned about the cloud, software development, IT operations, and he figured out how to use the internet to do the same thing that his magic does for all of his other toys.

ifo profile image
Ifo Ikede • Edited

Devops is the combination of those who write the code (aka Devs), and those who run the servers (computers) that run the code (operations or ops) .
So to explains to a 5yr old, i would say that you can compare that to cooking, the Devs are like the cooks that make the recipes .. and the ops are those who keep the stove working, making sure it has a source of energy for cooking ( electricity, coal, gas etc ) ..
my titter handle is afrohealer

gigiboop profile image

I appreciate this ELI5 contest. I heard the term DevOps a lot, but I hadn't the slightest idea what it was. Now I know! Great job to everyone!

ctripleu profile image
Cumi Oyemike

When an application is being built, the people who write code (known as the Development team) are concerned with releasing code fast. On the other hand, the people who make the code available to users and operate applications (known as the Operations team) always want to ensure that the application doesn't have errors and is stable. Since they are interested in different things, there is a divide between the two teams.
DevOps bridges the gap or divide between Development and Operations and automates process of releasing quality code fast.

hellotjphan profile image
TJ Phan

DevOps are like tying your shoelaces. You see, your feet can walk without tying up your shoes, but you get so much more when they are. The feet are nicely snug and safe, and because of that you can focus more on walking, jumping, running, playing and so much more. DevOps are the shoelaces for computer software, helping software be snug so that it can be a really good software.

brianhhough profile image
Brian H. Hough | brianhuff.eth you want to assemble a Monster Truck. That's a BIG task. So your builders (engineers) are going to be working on the tires, the engine, the windows, the doors, and so on. BUT who organizes the builders to put all the stuff together? That's where DevOps comes in — it's the framework, the mindset, and the organization that coordinates it all together to ensure a successful build.

Does the engine really work? Do the tires have enough air? Do the air bags keep drivers safe in the case of an accident? Is there enough safety/security measures in place? It will all need lots of testing.

DevOps helps to ensure from start to finish that the Monster Truck moves from vision to reality (so you can drive it) 😊

My twitter is: @BrianHHough

deesclouds profile image
Dee {he | they}

What is DevOps?

Dev Ops is like the system we use when building things with playdough.

What are Devs?
Devs shape the playdough into something beautiful by designing what will be made, shaping the playdough into a strong structure, and testing it to ensure it is precisely what we planned.

What is Ops?
Ops is displaying it to everyone and keeping an eye on our playdough masterpiece to ensure that nothing or anyone else attempts to mess it up.

So DevOps is the combination of both of the Devs and the Ops working together continuously.

anniebytes profile image
Annie Ho

“Mommy, what’s dev ops?”

Did you know people write code to make the games you play on the computer?

Code is the language that computers use and the people that write code are called software developers. They also write code to make websites and everything else on your computer.

Dev ops is what helps developers get that game or website to your computer as fast as possible and makes sure that everyone else can play that same game on their own computers.

sarkardeep profile image
Shuvadeep Sarkar

DevOps (a portmanteau of “development” and “operations”) is the combination of practices and tools designed to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster than traditional software development processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

My twitter handle is :-

infopro247 profile image

Imagine you are an ant. You want to get to the food crumb on the other side of the tablecloth. It will take a long time.
If the tablecloth has tight folds, the distance from the top of one fold to another is something you can get over faster than sticking to the face of the cloth the long way.
DevOps is the process and resources needed (the folds) to get the software one builds (the ant) to the customers (the crumb) faster than before, the long way.