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CodeNewbie Podcast: S23:E1 Psychological Safety in Tech **Discussion**!

Hey y'all!

We super excited about this last podcast episode and hope that y'all all listened and had as great of a time listening as we did. (Also thank you to our host @saron and our lovely guest Taylor Poindexter for the lovely content of the episode!)

In light of the start of our new season, we would love to ask anyone who listened what you thought!

We came up with some discussion questions that we thought might help some ~contemplative thought~ on the topic of psychological safety in the workplace.

  • How can we help ourselves and others feel safe while asking questions and learning new things?

  • What systems can workplaces set up to help support and maintain employees' psychological safety?

  • How can we help teams function as collective entities that support each other?

  • What makes a good manager?

  • How can you improve your relationships in the workplace?

  • How can we learn to take breaks?

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cathikent profile image

It's a great postcard about psychological safety. I think that I can apply it for time shooter 2