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Welcome Thread - V7

Welcome, one and all to the CodeNewbie Community!

How do you do fellow kids?

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Make some new friends by responding to another newbie's comment πŸ‘‹ Feel free to follow one another, too!

  3. An extra special welcome to those of you who are joining us via the CodeNewbie Challenge 2021! We hope you enjoy being a part of our supportive community of programmers and people learning to code._**

P.S. If you have a technical question, you've come to the right place! Use the #help tag in a new post to ask the community for assistance with writing your first line of code, picking a tool to use for a particular project, or anything else. No question is too basic.

If you're looking for some moderator-approved resources for coding beginners, head to #webdev101 for web development content and #compsci101 for computer science content ❀️

Top comments (38)

smashley88 profile image
Smashley88 • Edited on

Hey I'm Ashley just wanted to learn something new thought coding could be fun.

edanrenecreates profile image
Edan RenΓ© Ramos

Hi Ashley, where you located?

smashley88 profile image

Robertsville Missouri

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Hey everybody! Hope y'all dig CodeNewbie. πŸ™Œ

If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask me!

I'm part of the Forem org and happy to help:

forem image

By the way, if you're curious about how I made that embed, I was using a Liquid Tag, so typed in the following {% organization forem %}.

If you'd like to learn more about Liquid Tags or anything else, just hit me up!

coding_edwar profile image

Hi everyone, I'm Edward. I've been learning web development for one year and currently focused on learning JavaScript. I joined this Code Newbie to be more active within the developer community, level-up my skills and make some friends in the process.

perpetual_education profile image

Happy to have you. Let us know if you have any questions. : )

lastevns profile image
Laurie Stevens • Edited on


I'm Laurie and I'm a LEARNER. I think it might be impossible to overcome this addiction.

I am also an anti-influencer, an online iconoclast, a female without a photo portfolio (nudes or otherwise), a narcissist-hunter (and destroyer), a reader, a writer and a highly sensitive person that feels others' suffering too deeply.

I'm here to learn coding from A to Z, while missing nothing along the way. Say hello, if you like. I might be an iconoclast but I enjoy communicating with other LEARNERS.

louismin profile image
Louis Min

Hi fellow newbies! πŸ˜‰

coderamrin profile image

Hello Louis.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Welcome everybody!

ujzwalp profile image
Ujjwal Pandey

Grettings to a great community from Nepal!!!
Looking forward to make lots of friends here and make learning fun as as well.
Glad that i came to know about this awesome community. ✌

aaron profile image
Aaron McCollum

Welcome in! πŸ‘‹

ginnamwal profile image
Ginna Walker

Hello all!
Just dusting off some cob webs and learning some new information. Having a blast.

theonikolai profile image
Theodore Nikolai Idris

Hey guys, so I started out as a content creator years ago before I burnt out. Turns out it was a nationwide problem where agencies were deliberately screwing over creatives just to keep cheap labour.

But anyway, I ended up learning how to code after a period of learning more about SaaS, marketing and sales (thanks HubSpot) and now I'm almost absolutely obsessed with trying to design amazing user experiences.

Just one problem, I was a video editor. That means I'm extremely nitpicky about details so I'm trying to get over that as I continue building websites as a portfolio (cos I'm still not getting hired 😭)

Anyway, nice to meet you all!

osarodev profile image
Osaro Onaiwu

Hello everyone. I joined this community a few hours ago. Still trying to find my way though. Lol.
I have been coding for about a year and half now. I would like to learn, connect and collaborate.

seanwafo profile image
Sean Jay Mapayo

Hello everyone!, I'm leaning to change profession. From a teacher, drafter to an aspiring developer. currently studying a fullstack bootcamp and im on the backend part. I'm still having a hard time to decide on what to study next after the bootcamp. Anyways, let's continue on learning to be the best on our fields. :D

niko1402 profile image
Nik Payton • Edited on

Hey! My name's Nik. I'm a British jazz musician currently living in Brazil. I have a compulsion to always be learning something new. I got into coding during the pandemic, and I'm loving it ... although still feel decidedly lost some days. I'm learning through Skillcrush, which I think is a superb company and a great course.

fenrix__r8 profile image
πŸš€ Ishan Velle { πŸ–¦ 🍁 πŸ—Ί } • Edited on

πŸ‘‹ Hey, fellers! I'm Ishan. Feels great to be here! Looking forward to the #CodeLand_2021_Conference & #cnc2021!

lyqht profile image
Estee Tey

ello welcome!!

ana profile image

Hello. I'm Ana and I registered for CodeLand 2021. Here to learn more about how to be a better dev/human. πŸ˜ƒ

rscoding profile image
(Raquel Santos)

Hey everybody, my name is Raquel Santos and I am new here. I am learning JavaScript and Vue.js at the moment. Next will be React.js

maddy profile image

Hey everybody! It's great to be here. 😊

julzhou6 profile image
Julie Zhou

hey everyone I'm Julie! I signed up for CodeLand! Also never really joined a beginner tech community before so this seems interesting!

edanrenecreates profile image
Edan RenΓ© Ramos • Edited on

Howdy, I’m RenΓ© a newby from Utah. Hoping to become a great developer and contributor to this community.

spidersounds profile image

Hi, I'm Dan. I am a red seal tradesman looking for a career change. Hoping this is for me!

sunnynonsense profile image

Hi all. I’ve been fascinated with programming for a long time now but never really had any successful attempts at proficiency. CodeNewbie has been a very motivational source as I give it another go in between caring for my two young ones and I’m excited to be here. The thing that excites me the most about programming is data and data analysis.

zeeskylaw profile image
Zainab Lawal(5/100🐍)

Hey everyone, I'm Zainab from Turkey.
I love Python and I'm currently doing the 100 Days of Code challenge. I'm enthusiastic about learning and I also can't wait for the CodeLand 2021.

tiko19 profile image
Terry Lungu

Hey everybody, I'm Terry. I'm a computer science grad looking to improve my skills.

afcabezasq profile image

Hallo everyone! I just found out about this community. It would be fun able to create and be more proficient in coding, while making community.

stephback profile image
Stephanie Back

Hi everyone! :)
I'm Stephanie and I started learning to code this summer. I am a big fan of the CodeNewbie podcast and look forward to switching careers.

coderamrin profile image

Hello, CodeNewbies. i am Amrin. a self-tought frontend dev.
currently i am learning python so i can do cool stuff like webscraping, game dev and more.
am a book lover;

alenabraham profile image
Alen Abraham

Hey everyone, I am Alen from India

iamaravindks profile image

Hey everyone :)), I'm Aravind . Currently learning MERN stack. it's very happy to land a vibrant commmunity to learn something new and level-up my skills.

mulitu profile image
Morris Mulitu

Hello World!

Looking forward to your great ideas!

anshulnegitc profile image
Anshul Negi

Hello everyone
love to explore this new place, share innovative ideas, and develop some good projects.