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S18:E5 - How military veterans can translate their skills to tech (iAsia Brown)

In this episode, we talk about how military veterans can translate their skills into tech with iAsia Brown, military veteran and program manager at Microsoft. iAsia talks about transitioning from the military into tech, documenting her learning and landing a job at Microsoft, and helping other military veterans to break into tech as well.

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iAsia Brown

iAsia Brown also known as “The Tech Picasso” is an eccentrically prodigious humanist, she is a globally recognized Storyteller, commissioned artist, host of upcoming "The Butterfly Revolutions " Podcast all while enjoying her day job as a Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft. Having grown up in the concrete jungle of Queens, New York and traveling the world selflessly serving both in the United States Air Force and Marine Corps, she developed an intellectual acuity that allows her to relate, assess, adapt and conquer anything she applies herself to. She is an “ARTIST” of many mediums.

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