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S18:E7 - How a coding background can give you an edge in product management (Shruti Anand)

In this episode, we talk about product management with Shruti Anand, product manager at Lacework. Shruti talks about getting a bachelors in computer science and masters architecture and software engineering, then pivoting to product management, and how her technical background has given her an edge in her product management career.

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand is a Senior Technical Product Manager at Lacework, where her day to day revolves around bridging gaps between the customer and engineering when it comes to building scalable platforms. She has 7+ years of experience as a product manager in the technology sector, working for companies like HPE and Splunk, where she has worked with engineering teams to deliver solutions which focused on addressing self-service and manageability challenges for the platform. In her leisure time, Shruti either loves spending time with family and her two dogs or could be found reading a book, one of the recent being - My Life in full by Nooyi.

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