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S21:E6 - What it looks like to be an apprentice engineer at Pinterest (Alison Quaglia)

In this episode we talk about what being an apprentice engineer is like with Alison Quaglia, software engineer at Pinterest. Alison talks about switching careers into tech, landing an apprentice engineer role at Pinterest, what that apprenticeship looked like, and leveling up at Pinterest to software engineer.

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Alison Quaglia

Alison Quaglia is a full stack engineer with a passion for UX/UI, currently helping to bridge the gap between development and design at Pinterest. Prior to transitioning into tech, she earned a BA in Anthropology from NYU and spent over 10 years working in various creative industries in NYC including fashion magazines, photo shoots, product development, brand consulting and special events for clients like Showtime, Hulu and Wu-Tang Clan.

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