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S22:E3 - Demonstrating curiosity kindly with Matt Newkirk (Matt Newkirk)

Joining Saron today is Matt Newkirk, Engineering Director at Etsy. Matt talks about his coding journey, his current role at Etsy, leadership tips and advice for people on their coding journey. Matt's found a career in paying forward the help he received along the way, starting as a volunteer MUD developer and finding a path to becoming a director of engineering at Etsy. His engineering efforts cover Quality Engineering, Infrastructure and Operations, with the most value coming from finding improved collaboration across teams.

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Matt Newkirk

Matt Newkirk cares a lot about code quality, having started in a Code/Design Review position in 1997 for The Two Towers LPMud. Since then, he's worked in a variety of industries, always preaching testability and always building tools to support that philosophy. He now is the Director of Engineering at Etsy, where he leads the charge focusing on market localization, international search, and internal localization platforms such as machine and human translation.

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