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S22:E6 - Technical writing (Philip Kiely)

Saron sits down with writer, programmer, and creator, Philip Kiley. Philip is the author of Writing for Software Developers and Life-Changing Email. They discuss how he first got into technical writing while studying abroad in Budapest, what technical writing is, what technical content platforms are out there, why new developers should publish content early in their careers, and more.

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Philip Kiely

Philip Kiely is a technical writer at BaseTen and the author of Writing for Software Developers. He runs PK&C, the world's smallest conglomerate. He graduated from Grinnell College in May 2020 with a degree in computer science. Before a stint as Head of Marketing at Gumroad, he began his career writing code for Markforged, Principal Financial, and CUNA Mutual Group. Philip’s professional hobbies include appearing on podcasts and panels, sending cold emails, and tweeting about business. He also plays D&D, practices martial arts, and reads widely.

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Greetings everyone,
Today, I am excited to discuss a topic close to my heart - Top Golang Web Frameworks for Modern Projects! As a technical writer with diverse industry experience, I understand the significance of clear communication in every undertaking, be it big or small.
But what is Technical Writing exactly? In simple terms, it is the art of crafting documents that explain complicated concepts in a concise and understandable way. These documents can range from manuals, user guides, whitepapers, to even articles like this one!
To me, Technical Writing is more than just a job or a skill - it is a passion. Nothing compares to the gratification of transforming technical jargon into language that almost everyone can comprehend. Let's face it; who hasn't grappled with incomprehensible instructions or poorly written user guides?
But Technical Writing entails much more than just writing.