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S22:E7 - Starting out in Open Source (Brian Douglas)

On today's episode, Saron speaks with Brian Douglas, founder and CEO of Open Sauced, where he works on increasing the knowledge and insights of open-source communities. In the past he’s lead Developer Advocacy at GitHub by fostering a community of early adopters through conversations with the top open source maintainers on GitHub. Hear them discuss how Brain learned to code to start his own company, takeaways from working at startups, open source insights and learning through rejection.

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Brian Douglas

Outside of Open Sauced, Brian was most recently a member of the Developer Relations team at GitHub where he worked on the increasing use of GitHub and its API by fostering a community of early adopters through the developer programs. In the past, he’s led Developer Advocacy and Front-end development at Netlify, where he sat in a hybrid role as Frontend Engineer and Developer Advocate. Today, Brian finds a lot of enjoyment in encouraging folks to get involved in Open Source through his organization, Open Sauced.

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