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S23:E3 - Saying Yes to Opportunities (Frankie Nicoletti)

In this episode we talk to Frankie Nicoletti, VP of Engineering at SoLo Funds. We learn how throughout their career Frankie has always said yes to opportunities that came their way and it has made all the difference. Tune in to find out about what saying yes looks like and how to best look for and apply to jobs when you're a new bootcamp grad.

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Frankie Nicoletti

Francesca Kerberos Nicoletti (she/they) is an engineer, leader, educator, and polymath, and currently VP of Engineering at SoLo Funds. Previously they were AI Engineering Lead at a martech unicorn, Head of Engineering at a seed stage grocery startup, interim CTO at a big data startup, and an IC at several early-stage startups ranging from ecommerce to social media. They have been a career coach for 7 years. They hold several state records in power lifting.

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