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S23:E5 - Going from Ministry to Tech (Kyle Shevlin)

In this episode we sit down with Kyle Shevlin from Virta Health, who talks to us about his journey from ministry into tech. Kyle is a senior software engineer (JavaScript, React, and more) who spends his free time golfing, woodworking and playing video games. Hear as he describes his experience with ADHD in the workplace.

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Kyle Shevlin

Kyle Shevlin is a software developer that lives and works in wonderful Portland, Oregon. He describes himself as a simple, Midwestern man who happens to be the forbidden lovechild between a Vulcan and a Viking. Make of that what you will. He has a motto that is the driving force behind his work, β€œWith all things, leave them better than you find them.” He sees something that could be better, he tries to find a way to make it better. Lastly, lest you think of him as only a software developer. When he's not working, he's probably working on his golf game. He plays in tournaments all around the Pacific Northwest and occasionally even wins one once in a while. He has a nascent golf blog he's just getting started to share some of his insights into the game with others. When he's not playing golf, you can probably find him playing video games with his wife 5 or having a good beer and food with some friends.

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