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S23:E6 - From Site Reliability Engineer to Principal Software Engineer (Alice Goldfuss)

Today, Saron talks with Alice Goldfuss, Principal Software Engineer and Systems Programmer specializing in building resilient distributed systems at scale. Alice delivered industry-impacting talks on container platforms, infrastructure operations, and organizational best practices, as well as written on the SRE field, kernel crashes, and personal security. We hear about their coding journey and learn all about their take on various programs and the tech world as a whole.

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Alice Goldfuss

Alice Goldfuss is a systems punk with years of experience working on cutting-edge container platforms. They're an international speaker who enjoys building modern infrastructure at-scale and writing fiction on the weekends. Alice has written articles, consulted on publications, built communities, and sipped many cups of tea. They haven't written a book, but you’ve probably read their tweets (@alicegoldfuss).

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