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S23:E8 - Empowering the Next Generation of Black Tech Talent (Pariss Chandler)

For our Season 23 Finale, Saron talks to Pariss Chandler, Software Engineer turned Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline. You may have heard of her before, as she was the mobilizer behind the hashtag, movement, and community #BlackTechTwitter. Pariss talks about getting into tech, being in tech at ad agencies and a beauty company, and how life changed after just one tweet. Pariss also talks about Black Tech Pipeline, the company Pariss started after seeing a lack of Black programmers in tech and wanting to change that.

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Pariss Chandler

Pariss Chandler is a Software Engineer turned Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline and mobilizer of the hashtag, movement and community #BlackTechTwitter.

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