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S24:E4 - From Occupational Therapy to Code (Africa Mincey)

Saron talks with Africa, a former Occupational Therapist specializing in virtual therapy and assistive technology. Saron and Africa talk about transitioning from Occupational Therapy to working as an Accessibility Engineer testing government software and teaching developers how to build more inclusive web applications. Africa also talks about her journey teaching herself how to code, what stretches are useful for Software Engineers, and how important coffee chats and networking are. Be sure to listen for the mini-guided stretch break during the episode as well!

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Africa Mincey

Africa Mincey is a Software Engineer and accessibility specialist specializing in: - human centered full-stack web development - assistive technology and web accessibility - technical writing, content creation, and community building She uses web development tools to create dynamic and responsive web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, express, mongoDB and node.JS. She shares her journey merging therapy and technology on her YouTube channel: and blog:

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