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S24:E6 - Surviving Cancer, Building Code, Thriving in Tech (Stacey Graham)

Saron sits down with Stacey Graham, Software Engineer at a fintech company. Stacey grew up curious about computers since being introduced to them in the 7th grade. Although she didn't take the full plunge into code immediately, she constantly provided technical support in her previous roles. Hear Stacey talk more about her experience navigating her career transition while battling health troubles, how you can level up and network in the tech community, and where to look for communities while you are just starting out.

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Stacey Graham

Stacey fell in love with technology in the 7th grade in her first computer class and from there, her curiosity for technology began. She is passionate about coding and loves learning and problem-solving collaboratively in teams. She enjoys building high-quality applications in JavaScript, React, and Angular and she enjoys working with RESTful APIs, Node.js, and Express.js. She likes being challenged and believes there is always an opportunity to learn something new in web development, and that is what gets her excited about this industry.

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