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S25:E1 - Pivoting to Tech from Biomedical Science (Marley Anthony)

In the kickoff episode to Season 25, Saron talks to Marley Anthony, Software Engineer at Bench Accounting. Marley talks about his career pivot from studying biomedical sciences to getting into tech. He unravels his strategies and tactics to secure his first internship, the pivotal steps he took to transition into his current role, and the significance of laying a solid foundation of knowledge early in his career. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on strategies for landing that all-important internship, fostering growth, and embracing the ongoing pursuit of knowledge.

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Marley Anthony

Marley Anthony is a software engineer, photographer, and outdoor enthusiast based in Vancouver, BC. He loves tech and spending his time outside riding bikes and hiking. He's keen to continue to use his passion for creating to make beautiful, simple, and minimal websites.

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