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S25:E3 - Self-Taught Coding Stories of a Former Lab Scientist (Vanessa Vun)

Join us as we sit down with Vanessa Vun, Frontend Engineer at SciShield. Vanessa talks about how she first built a computer when she was in middle school but ended up taking a different path for her studies and found herself back in tech after working as a Clinical Lab Scientist for 10 years. Vanessa shares how she gained her technical experience to put herself in the best position when applying for jobs, along with tips on how others could learn from her journey.

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Vanessa Vun

Vanessa Vun started her self-taught coding journey in 2022 after quitting a 10-year career as a clinical laboratory scientist. About 14 months later, she landed a job as a Frontend Engineer at SciShield, which provides a platform of solutions for research laboratories.

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