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S26:E1 - Make Your Accomplishments Visible (Camille Eddy)

This week, Saron talks with Camille Eddy, Technical Product Manager. Camille talks about her life growing up as a Pastor’s child, how she started and grew her business, and when she first found her passion for tech. Camille also shares her experience overcoming a fear of public speaking, and why it enabled her not only to travel the world but also land internships at companies like Google X, NVIDIA, and HP Labs all before graduating. Saron also talks to Camille about when she was asked to introduce President Obama. Camille concludes with principles she would lead with if she was a career transitioner looking to start her career in tech today.

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Camille Eddy

Camille is a Technical Project/Product Manager with experience working in robotics and with SaaS products. She previously interned at Google X, NVIDIA, and HP Labs before graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2020.

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