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S26:E4 - The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn (Laura Thorson)

Saron chats with Laura Thorson, Program Manager at GitHub. Laura talks about how she was always interested in singing, dancing and music growing up which led her to UCLA on a scholarship to play the oboe. She tells us about her experience at UCLA and her decision to go to a coding bootcamp after graduation as opposed to searching for a job with her English Lit degree. Laura then describes the jobs she landed after bootcamp at Salesforce, Twitter, Meta and now GitHub and how LinkedIn played a huge role in helping her land these opportunities.

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Laura Thorson

Laura Thorson is a program manager, former engineer and design enthusiast who loves developing technical programs and scaling them for optimal impact. Currently, she manages GitHub's third-party, community global sponsorship presence and the Speaker Bureau program. In her spare time, she can be found watercoloring at the beach with her husband and son in sunny Southern California.

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