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S26:E5 - Exploring the Path from Medicine to a Tech Career (Shona Chan)

Saron speaks with Shona Chan this week about her experience navigating the world of software following a successful career as a doctor in the field of Anaesthesia. Shona shares her experience working in the medical field for 10 years until she decided she wanted to pivot into tech. Shona talks about how she made the decision to go to a bootcamp to learn to code and how she got her first job in tech. Finally, she talks about transferable skills from her medical career to her newfound tech career and reiterates how there are so many skills career transitioners can take from one career to another.

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Shona Chan

Shona Chan is a doctor and software engineer, focused on enhancing healthcare through technology. Before Shona discovered coding, she worked in the field of Anaesthesia in the UK. She started learning to code so that she could build an app for her workplace. She couldn't ignore this newfound interest and so enrolled herself in Le Wagon's Web Dev Bootcamp to develop her skills.

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