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S26:E7 - Thoughts on Degrees and Bootcamps (Johnny Proano)

Saron speaks with Johnny Proano, Associate Software Engineer at Hilton Grand Vacations. Initially drawn to code while building his personal DJ website, Johnny took the full leap with the support of his family. Johnny discusses his initial belief that a degree was necessary to become a software engineer and his decision to attend a coding bootcamp instead. He reflects on the differences between the bootcamp and college experience and shares his job search process after graduation.

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Johnny Proano

Johnny is a passionate Chicago Bulls fan, music enthusiast, Star Wars fan, and a proud father with a love for the creativity of coding. He is a dedicated Software Engineer blending university education and a coding bootcamp experience bringing leadership, innovation, and a commitment to making a difference through code: β€œThink it, code it, make a difference!"

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