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Welcome Thread - V55

Welcome everybody to the CodeNewbie Community!

Heads up that this is our final welcome thread for the CodeNewbie Community. We are transitioning this community to DEV and have created a CodeNewbie org that we'd encourage you to follow for beginner-friendly content, discussions, and more. We also recommend following the #beginners & #codenewbie tags. And of course, don't forgot to hop into the welcome thread there to introduce yourself and meet new folks.

Hope to see you all on DEV! πŸ‘‹

The phrase "See ya" with a hang loose hand sign wiggling back and forth

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blessing600 profile image

Hello everyone! I'm Juliet. I'm currently on an exciting journey of learning JavaScript, and I've already gained a strong foundation in HTML and CSS. I'm looking forward to being an active part of this amazing community, learning from all of you, and contributing my best whenever I'm needed. Let's code together and make great things happen!

codejotter profile image
Benjamin Santomah

Great job Juliet, I'm also a newbie still on the HTML and CSS journey.
Would you mind if could connect here a help one another.

blessing600 profile image

Sure 😊

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codejotter profile image
Benjamin Santomah

Alright. I just followed you 😊

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codejotter profile image
Benjamin Santomah

Do you have any socials we connect out there like X, Instagram I've already seen your github 😊

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donluiz44 profile image

Hi I’m Louis can we connect as well

ishange profile image
Ishange Emmanuel Adamose

I’m Emmanuel can we connect also on tailwind now

vaibhav_88 profile image
Vaibhav Sharma

Hello everyone. I am Vaibhav, currently working as technical lead in NOC operations. Recently started learning Python and Powershell along with cloud technologies and some DevOps tools. Looking forward for your help and support to transform my career. Thank you!

devdude profile image
Lamount Dunlap • Edited

Hello, Vaibhav and welcome!

saifdikostav profile image

Can you tell me how could I learn c++ efficiently

hiroshikesh profile image

Hello everyone! I wanted to develop a website on my own so I started exploring. Now I'm trying to learn basic HTML and CSS from YouTube tutorials and articles. I'm also using Replit on my phone to code as I don't have a computer (it's broken). So it would be helpful to know if I can really learn through the Android app or should get a computer.

ummaabdul23 profile image
Ummahani Abdurrazzaq

I think it's best if you get a Computer.

shubhamjamwal profile image
Shubham jamwal

Hello guys i am Shubham Jamwal i am from a Non technical background wanted t o make a carrier in It sector i have a basic understanding of c++ and java. Currently doing a internship in a small startup company .My codding skills are very basic as for now. first how can improve my coding skills(java)?Suggest me some relevant resources!

seyedahmaddv profile image
Seyed Ahmad

"I am Seyed Ahmad, a Software Engineering graduate experienced in web development. Proficient in React.js and Next.js using JavaScript and TypeScript, I've effectively applied these technologies. Skilled in crafting user interfaces with libraries like Tailwind, Bootstrap, and HTML, I create appealing and responsive designs. I'm seeking opportunities to contribute to modern tech projects, aiming to enhance user experiences. If you need collaboration on React.js, Next.js, or web development, I'm ready to innovate as a valuable team member. Thank you for reading my 'About Me.' For further discussion, feel free to reach out via the provided contact links."

Please let me know if there are any adjustments or further details you'd like to include.

tom-mate-o profile image

Hi fellow coders! πŸ‘‹
I've just finished a Full Stack Course in the MERN-Stack.
I did a lot of small projects during this class. My final project was a React-Web-App.
At the moment, I'm learning SASS as part of the responsive-design course from the YouTube CoderCoder. I hope I can tap my toe into the waters of web-dev, as a Beginner, in summer this year.
I'd love to connect with you guys, because from now on I'm alone again on my coding journey. And it would be nice to share the joy (and sometimes suffering) with other people. 😎 So feel free to drop me a message! πŸ‘

gabigrin profile image
Gabriel Grinberg • Edited

Hey all πŸ‘‹πŸ»
Happy to join this great community!

I'm the creator of Flyde - an open-source visual programming tool for VSCode!

I'll be soon launching an exclusive tutorial on how to use it to build Discord bots, so stay tuned ⭐️

codehiro0517 profile image

Greetings, CodeNewbie Community. I hope you are all doing well and making progress towards your goals. I have been looking forward to being one of you, and now I am!
As a Python blockchain developer, I am eager to contribute to the building of a new era of web5.
Happy coding!

basit740 profile image
Basit Ali

Hi there,
My name is Basit. I am here to talk new coding aspirants and super excited to share my knowledge and also learn from them. I am 28 and I have been coding for 5 years now also I have background in computer science so I am very happy with what I do.

240x240px profile image
Abdul Malik Ibrahim Jaber

Hello, I am Abdul Malik from Yemen. I want to fulfill some of my dreams through the Internet. How I hope to find someone who lights the way for me, because I do not have any light to light my way.
Image description

iamspathan profile image
Sohail Pathan

Hey Everyone πŸ‘‹

I'm Sohail Pathan, and I work as a Dev Advocate at Apyhub

My role is all about helping developers find and use tools and APIs that make building fast, scalable apps a breeze. I'm here to learn, share what I know, and hopefully make everyone's dev life a bit easier.

Let's collaborate, share our knowledge, and grow together in this awesome community! πŸš€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

tatiitataa profile image
Tatjana Hoesch

Hello, I'm Tatjana, Co-founder of Codum.
I'm currently improving my Python skills and learning how to use WebFlow.
It took me a while to get started and since I'm always learning with a buddy.
Excited to be part of this community of motivated learners!

fary03 profile image

I would like to collaborate with you in projects by Python

forland_03 profile image
Clyde Forland

Hi everybody! My name is Clyde and I recently started listening to the pod and I love the discussions and content that are discussed. I would love to be an architect and right now working in UX Design.

Nice to be here!

henna_dev profile image
Henna Singh

Hello All, I am henna and joining this platform today. I am currently doing Frontend Developer Bootcamp from Scrimba and looking forward to my next developer role.
I also started a Time Dashboard Project from frontendmentor. Happy to connect and engage with you all!

yavehschin profile image
Marshall Brown

To be a β€œteachable” individual and willing to learn from the tutorship of the more experienced, I consider to be an honor and I thrive in the logic of the Web structured algorithms and libraries. Thanks to GitHub, Frontend Masters, Harvard University, Princeton University, and Coursera.