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I share my Notion template with over 440 pages of web development content

I guess Santa came a bit early this Christmas! πŸŽ…

In one of my last posts, Using Notion to organise programming topics, a lot of people asked me to share the Notion template I was using to build my commonplace book about Web Development. So, after spending quite some time removing personal information from it, and polishing it a bit, I would like to share with you a template you can use to create your own commonplace book.

πŸ‘‰ You can download the template by clicking here. πŸ‘ˆ


In this template, you will find over 440 pages containing:

  • Over 270 HTML and CSS related questions to practice your knowledge in a spaced repetition manner.
  • Dozens and dozens of useful links.
  • Information about CSS, HTML, JavaScript, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and more!
  • Cheatsheets.
  • Link to free tutorials and courses.
  • Mindset (to stay strong in the web development journey).
  • Information and links about APIs, tools, libraries, web development resources, etc.
  • Resources for code practice.
  • Problem-solving strategies.
  • Lists of interesting articles.
  • Useful blogs, podcasts and newsletters.
  • The best YouTube channels I could find.
  • And much, much more!

Please, feel free to create a copy of this template and adapt it to your own needs. I found it very useful in my journey of becoming a Web Developer, and I still use it almost every day. It has become an extension of my brain, and I rely on it every time I have a question or doubt.

I did my best to remove any copyrighted or personal content but, if you find any, please let me know so I can delete it.

I would like to know any suggestions on how to improve this template, and I'm even considering uploading it to GitHub so I can transform it into a collaborative commonplace repository. Let me know what you think about that.

I hope you enjoy it!

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