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Tell Me About Your Machine Learning Resources

Crislana Rafael
Current engineering student looking to get a career in software engineering.
・1 min read

Hey all,

One thing I'm interested in picking up is machine learning. I've seen some cool projects people have done with it and would love to add it to my skillset.

So, what are your go-to machine learning resources? What do I need to know to get started? Any advice you can give me is more than welcome and much appreciated!

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Matt C

Hi Crislana,
I have a list of resources that I try to keep updated, And I am trying to create more too!
Matt's data science material

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Crislana Rafael Author

Hey Matt, this is a great list so far! Will definitely check this out.

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Matt C • Edited

Hi Crislana,
It just occured to me that you could add items to this list, if you would like. (D'oh!)
I would really appreciate it if I could get your input to make the doc more useful, so if you have any suggestions let's work on it. ;)

Since the list is a simple markdown doc on Github you can fork it and then we could collaborate by using Pull / Push requests. This would be great practice for me. (And you??) Do you have a Githib act?

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Vaibhav Kumar

You can check kaggle