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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Get a Job" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Dana Ottaviani
  1. My skills are in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Vue. While I have knowledge of React, I don't have as much confidence in using it right now like I do with Vue.

  2. I've worked on a few puzzle projects for fun as well as a quotes database that uses an API I created with GraphQL. My new website is my latest project (almost done with this).

  3. I'd like to get better at remembering common git commands since I usually use GitKraken when working. I actually created a repo just to test git commands out in.
    I want to work on my next project in React so I can start adding React projects to my portfolio and while I feel good in JavaScript, I'd like to sharpen my skills with challenges like javascript30.
    I would also like to use Node in my projects more. I first started using package.jsons in my projects in my first job and I don't really think I've utilized what Node can offer me. I'd like to start from the beginning there and see what important parts I might have skipped when learning it the first time.

  4. Common titles I usually find for my skillset are Front-end Engineer, Web Developer, UI/UX Engineer. I want to completely avoid anything to do with working in a CMS because I learned that kind of role isn't for me.

I wrote a lot here and I'm not quite sure what my first step will be but I appreciate this challenge since I just recently went back to looking for roles again.