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New Student 'Commitment' Post

Hey there!

Brand new coder here. In fact, can I call myself that if I haven't created anything yet but I'm learning?

Or is it a state of mind perhaps?... hmmm

Anyways, I'm writing this as a kind of 'commitment' post, so that i stick to a goal.

I just started a beginners coding course and it's around 90+ hours (its a series of courses tbh)

I'm hoping that by sharing my post here, it will guilt me into following through and finishing this. I've honestly wanted to learn for years and no idea why I never did before now.

I'm pretty sure my Github is connected so you can follow along if you like?

Otherwise, will post next when I've made something :D


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Great start! keep up the good work. Holding yourself accountable 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 You got this! 👍🏽

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charles madhuku

welcome to this exciting journey of coding

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Schamir Poliard

You got this!