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David fox
David fox

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Learning retention

One of the best routines you should get into while Learning is to talk about it. After you finish a lesson or project that you where working on tell someone about it. Even if they have no idea what your talking about 😂. It will help solidify that information to memory! 🧠

Plus if you hit a tough spot and you think your not retaining the information same rule applies. Tell someone, then look back at all the information that just came from YOU!🤘

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Tauri StClaire

100%! And sometimes I think I understand something UNTIL I try to explain it out loud and either hit a snag in my own explanation, or whoever I'm talking with will ask a question I may not have thought of! so talking about what you're learning can be a great way to troubleshoot in multiple ways 😎

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I usually just talk to myself when I'm bored and I can remember what I was learning about yesterday 😄 Does that count?