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Metropol FM - One Stop Shop For Your Music Cravings

Metropol FM is a multilingual radio station with a presence in Germany and France. Its flagship station is in Frankfurt. Using DVB-C, you can listen to your favorite tunes wherever you are. In short, Metropol FM is a one stop shop for your Turkish music cravings.

Aside from its flagship station, Metropol FM boasts a handful of other nifty products and services. The best is the multimedia suite, which includes a range of video, audio, and text content. Some of these products are even available for download. Despite its size, the company maintains a high quality customer support system, including a live chat function. Not only does Metropol FM broadcast in German, but it also does business in French and Arabic. So, you can speak to a friendly and knowledgeable spokesman, regardless of where you're in the country.

In addition to the traditional radio and TV broadcasts, Metropol FM makes use of the internet to deliver content to its audience. For instance, the company has a website that features a downloadable app. Besides offering a comprehensive catalog of songs, it also provides news and weather updates, as well as traffic alerts. Considering its many functions, it is hardly surprising that Metropol FM is among the top German media outlets.

Moreover, the company's marketing department has an eye on the ball, which is why you'll always find a steady stream of high-quality music, multimedia, and informational offerings. As a result, the company's website and Facebook page have a hefty following.

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