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How to use emoji in android?

I am working on a chat app using firebase, and now I want to use emoji in my app. Can any one tell me how yo use emoji in android.

So I want to have a keyboard in my app that has emoji just like Whatsapp or Hangouts. How can I do that? I want to leave my key keyboard as it is I just want to add tabs to put emojis. I would think it would be easily supported by the soft keyboard but I can find nothing so far. Anyone could tell how to do it?

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Tyler V. (he/him)

I would have expected emoji could just be handled by the normal android keyboard - but based on the existence of this GitHub Repo I guess not πŸ˜…

GitHub logo vanniktech / Emoji

A library to add Emoji support to your Android / JVM Application


A Kotlin Multiplatform library to add Emoji support to your Android App / JVM Backend.

The library has 4 different sprites providers to choose from (iOS, Google, Facebook & Twitter). The emoji's are packaged as pictures and loaded at runtime. If you want to use a Font provider, check out Google Compat.

iOS Emojis

Normal KeyboardEmoji KeyboardRecent Emojis

For getting the above iOS Emojis, add the…