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What's the best stack to use?


I have taken over a web group and have three sites that I have the opportunity to rewrite from scratch. I am expected to recommend the technology to use, but after many YouTube videos, Pluralsight courses and technical articles my head is swimming.

I could summarize my needs by simply asking - what is the best stack to use for these site requirements?

  1. We will be integrating with a CMS (API calls for data I assume)
  2. There will be some simple forms for the user to fill out that will generate emails.
  3. I will need to host a "store locator". I assume this will be a javascript application, but I have not gotten that far yet.

I will have contract developers available for any skillset, but in the months before the team starts, I would love to get familiar with the technology myself.

What's the best stack to use?

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Tyler V. (he/him)

Depending on how many CMS pages you'll be pulling in and how frequent the updates would be I would look into JAMstack.

If you have React Developers I think Gatsby is the go-to Static Site Generator (SSG).

For Vue there's VuePress, Gridsome, and Nuxt - which also offers non-static site options.

*Note that Gridsome and Nuxt static sites currently requires using Vue 2.X - but at this point I think Vue 3 would be fairly safe to invest in using

I would guess Svelte also offers options for this, but I'm less familiar with Svelte's ecosystem.

Then there's still always the option of going Vanilla JavaScript.

Personally, I would pick one of these SSGs because their plugins and/or GraphQL integrations make creating the connection to your CMS easier to manage on the developer's side. However all of these frameworks have trade-offs and you'll need to review which will fit best for your goal and team.

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You hit the nail on the head Tyler - JAMstack and Gatsby were what immediately came to my mind.

I actually can speak on Svelte - I love it. It's so fast and awesome and helps you really just get coding and working on your projects with a beautiful responsive app platform.

I still love my HTML and CSS to start, but sometimes its really awesome to just create a bunch of really cool stuff, super fast.

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Andrew Baisden

Another vote for JAMstack.