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Timothy Taylor

Hi all, my name is Tim and I am hobbyist/generalist developer looking to take my first steps into the professional tech world. I have been building simple HTML/CSS websites since 2000, (and even built and maintained a few websites for local musicians when I was a teenager between 02-06) but never took it seriously as a career. I have worked as a woodworker/furniture maker for the last 10 years, but became interested in programming through musical/creative coding applications a few years ago. Turns out I like to code!

I started the Odin Project bootcamp in September '21, set it aside for a few months because of life, but have recently picked it back up and am now working on the final project of the Ruby on Rails path.

My passion is towards sound/acoustics/DSP (have lots to learn before I feel truly comfortable in that space), but I have enjoyed learning and working in Rust and C towards that end.