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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] I Think, Therefore I Code: An Introduction to Pseudocode

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brian bethencourt

It obviously sounds like pseudocode helped you make the switch from frontend software development to Swift. I am considering signing up for a bootcamp and I already know that I'm really interested in mobile development. Do you have any recommendations for Swift programs or learning resources?

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Silvia España Gil Author

YES! It helped me making the switch and also to not lose my mind xD

I honestly don't know any mobile bootcamp, but yes I can share some resources that I used. My first contact with Swift was in the CodeCademy course, it's really good and they have an integrated IDE so you can do the whole course in the website with no problems and then have the solutions you coded in your own github gist.

Then my main resources has been Ray Wenderlich, he has one of the most complete and updated courses, tutorials and information out there for Swift, the courses are project centric, so when you are learning something you are also making something and that's amazing. And also Hacking with Swift who also happen to have a 100 days of Swift and 100 days of SwiftUI that are super.