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Ashutosh Hathidara
Ashutosh Hathidara

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3D toggle Switch for Dark/Light Mode

Hey Amazing folks,
I have been trying to create something for multiple theming using design which amazes people. And 3D is trending nowadays in design. So, here I created a 3D toggle button which toggles the website theme to Light and Dark and is created using ThreeJS and GSAP in ReactJS.

I found this design concept and raw implementation on dribble by Aron Iker. I hope you would find it very useful.

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Jess Lee

Hey there, would you consider embedding your video here instead of just linking to it? This way folks can see your content and discuss it right here on CodeNewbie without having to navigate elsewhere.

You might not have realized, but CodeNewbie actually allows folks to embed YouTube & Vimeo videos via Liquid Tags:

By the way, here's a link to the editor guide where you can see other liquid tags and formatting options.

Hope this is helpful! 🙂

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Ashutosh Hathidara

Thanks so much for help :)